Our Management Team


Michael D. Luter

President and Founder

When Mike Luter started Arrowhead Environmental on April 3, 2006, he wanted to create a company that provided his customers with personalized, high-quality service, while also having a culture that would identify with his sense of loyalty and camaraderie. “I continue to be motivated by the opportunity to nurture a company where the culture of brotherhood, respect, and integrity govern our daily lives.”

Mike and his team work together under the concept of “ONE,” which is their constant reminder that they must rely on each other if they are going to be successful and always rising and falling together as one brotherhood. “I feel extremely blessed and humbled because I have an amazing team that has a tremendous work ethic and a dedication to our company culture that is rarely seen in the workplace anymore.” He notes that the bond is proof that no matter how badly the outside world behaves, Arrowhead team members are a band of brothers from all different walks of life who stick together to make Arrowhead a special place to work.

Mike enjoys that he can utilize his education, skills, and entrepreneurial drive to help Arrowhead increase its footprint in Virginia. He is passionate about continuing to offer his employees better opportunities both financially and professionally. Additionally, the excitement and challenge of growing Arrowhead by competing in the marketplace against much larger competitors really motivates him.

When Mike is not working on growing Arrowhead or enjoying family time at Lake Gaston, you can find him “working” at one of his passion “jobs.” He is a longtime coach of the championship youth baseball team, the Windsor Longhorns. Also, Mike and his wife Judy, along with their family, close friends, and Freedom Hunters, organize and hosts an annual pheasant hunting event for wounded veterans called the Legacy Ranch Tower Shoot. According to the Freedom Hunters organization, this hunt is the largest single hunting event in the country for wounded veterans.


Steve Mack

Vice President of Site Service and Field Operations

Steve, or as he is known in the industry “Mack” has been in the environmental services field since 1996 and with Arrowhead since 2006. He believes the strength of the team is the major reason for Arrowhead’s success.

“We have a family environment, and we embrace our challenges and ideas together,” he said. The company concept of “ONE” is what he feels keeps the team committed to each other and moving in the same direction as a solid unit.

Always with a smile on his face, Mack enjoys how his role allows him to meet new customers, mentor employees, and problem solve issues in the field. He has a passion to help customers solve their environmental and industrial needs as well as loving the opportunity Arrowhead provides him to be a part of a truly unique company culture.

In his spare time, when he’s not vacationing with his family, Steve is an avid car fan who often attends car shows and drag races.


Tyler Egerton

Site Services Coordinator

Tyler has been with Arrowhead since 2014. He enjoys that his role allows him to work closely with the field crews as well as Arrowhead’s vendors and customers.

“I enjoy the different challenges I get to face every day,” Tyler said. “Working with longstanding Arrowhead clients and tackling new and complex projects, I feel fortunate to have a tight knit group of co-workers who always have my back.”

Tyler feels the Arrowhead brotherhood of “ONE” is “a force to be reckoned with.” He knows that as a team, everyone supports each other, and everyone works hard to push and motivate one another especially during the strenuous times of an outage.

Tyler even brings the idea of “ONE” to his home life with his wife, Corrine. “My wife is a huge inspiration and our life together is what keeps me going and gets me out of bed in the morning.” They enjoy spending time together vacationing, taking a quick trip to the beach, or relaxing by the pool. When he’s not working, or with Corrine, he’s at his family farm tending to the wildlife, doing maintenance, checking gaming cameras, and farming.


Deon Grandison

Project Superintendent

As a Project Superintendent, Deon enjoys the unique challenges he gets to face every day while working at the facilities of Arrowhead’s customers.

“Doing something different every day excites me,” he said.

Deon has been working in the industrial cleaning industry since 2004, and he likes the challenge and opportunity to be a part of something special. He feels the Arrowhead concept of “ONE” brings a sense of stability to both him and his family. “I feel blessed being a part of the Arrowhead family.”

Dedicated to his family, who motivates him every day, Deon loves spending his time away from work playing pool, playing cards, or going on vacation.


Mark Harrison

Site Services Manager

With over 20 years in the industrial and environmental cleaning industry, Mark knows how important it is to be on a strong team. He feels that the Arrowhead team operates with the respect and bond that a tight-knit family does. For him, the Arrowhead brotherhood of “ONE” encourages togetherness - like a band that is delivering “one cohesive sound.”

For Mark, his own family is at the heart of everything he does. “My motivation comes from my wife, kids, and grandkids.”

In his time off he enjoys being with his family, either while fishing or hanging at the race track.


Kenny Drumright

Safety Manager

Kenny joined the Arrowhead team in May 2020. He came with over three decades of experience in the industry, where he held various roles of increasing responsibility throughout his career. He has a strong safety and operational training background.

“I love to help people learn and feel I can teach anyone to do anything if given the time and opportunity.” He’s been told he has a unique ability to break things down so anyone can understand them.

“Arrowhead is unlike any other company I have worked for. We preach family and the concept of 'ONE' from the top down. I feel like that is shown by leadership’s actions, not just talked about."

Kenny enjoys the freedom in his role to wear multiple hats. While safety is at the forefront of everything he does, he often finds himself troubleshooting obstacles in the field with his teammates, performing safety training, discussing upcoming work with customers, as well as being involved with the hiring process.

Kenny has numerous interests that include family, traveling, and most sports. The University of Tennessee football and basketball are his favorite sporting events to attend.


Amy Rapp Stephens

Office Manager

Amy has been with Arrowhead since 2015. She loves the fact she can personally have a positive impact on the company’s progress. “I love contributing ideas, problem-solving, and being a vital team player on the management and non-management levels,” she said.

Amy’s personal motto is “teamwork makes the dream work,” and she notes that being a part of the Arrowhead team is very rewarding. She feels valued as an employee and team player.

For Amy, “ONE” is the bond that keeps the team unified. “ONE brings me comfort knowing that I have an awesome support team that is committed to each other and will stand together no matter what challenges may arise.”

When not devoting her time to Arrowhead, Amy loves spending time with her family at Lake Gaston and traveling to new destinations.