Our Experience

For over the years, Arrowhead Environmental Services has provided clients with best-in-class services and maintained excellent communications with all parties involved to complete jobs on time. Our commitment has been demonstrated in our successful past projects:

  • Decontaminated a ship after the Bow Mariner Explosion off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia
  • Cleaned up the #6 oil spill in Maryland - with media reportage
  • Cleaned up the #6 oil spill in Boston - and in charge of 120 employees for the beach restoration
  • Assisted with search and recovery efforts at September 11/Ground Zero
  • Decontaminated the New York Post Office from Anthrax
  • Decontaminated Tom Brokaw’s New York office of Anthrax, which included walls, ceiling tiles, and all personal items and belongings
  • Cleaned up an enriched uranium tank in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Cleaned up the Delaware #6 oil spill
  • Assisted in the closure of six chemical manufacturing facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Implemented and completed an RCA closure procedure at a hazardous waste incinerator
  • Decommissioned and dismantled a hazardous waste incinerator
  • Worked in confined spaces under supplied air (Level A) conditions